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Back Pain Articles

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6 Surprising Chronic Pain Triggers

13 Dec 2014 | 184,717 Views

If you suffer from chronic pain but you don’t know why, consider these six common, yet often overlooked, pain triggers.

For Back Pain or Headache, Painkillers Do More Harm Than Good

23 Oct 2014 | 73,742 Views

Powerful prescription opioids don't work for treating many types of chronic pain, and may result in life-threatening side effects, according to a new position statement by the American Academy of Neurology.

15 Natural Remedies for Back Pain

23 Jul 2014 | 240,496 Views

Before you resort to back-pain surgery, steroid injections, or even prescription painkillers, try these highly effective, safe, and natural alternatives.

The 6 Types of Pills Big Pharma Wants You Hooked On for Life

14 May 2012 | 340,881 Views

It's their newest profit-making strategy and their target is YOU. Find out how they are succeeding brilliantly with kids and adults alike, and their 2 deceptive strategies that you must be aware of... Once they get you, you'll be hooked on any (or all) of these 6 types of pills for the rest of your life.

The Simple Habit that College Grads Do Far More Frequently that Radically Improves their Health

15 Sep 2011 | 60,111 Views

What are those with a college education doing more of that could drastically lengthen their lives?

Why Do Doctors, Nurses Often Use Holistic Medicine for Themselves?

09 Sep 2011 | 75,396 Views

Do health care practitioners know something you don't when it comes to using alternative medicine?

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

30 Mar 2010 | 163,185 Views

Drugs and surgery should be your absolute last resort – here are several strategies that can form the basis for an effective first-line defense against back pain.

New Evidence Supports the Safety of Chiropractic Care

01 Nov 2007 | 69,825 Views

Find out how chiropractic care can improve your overall health, and why you can put your fears about cervical adjustments to rest.

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